Sierra chart is a high quality realtime and historical charting, technical analysis and quote software program for the financial markets. It has a large variety of tools which helps the trader in doing their business seamlessly and efficiently. The program downloads and store intraday charts for a symbol when one is connected to the data feed and an intraday chart for the symbol is open. It now supports advanced trading. One can trade directly from the charts and use ChartDOM which provides a real-time depth of market display and order entry on the charts. There are various other data entry methods supported by Sierra charts.
There are various important tools and features in Sierra chart that make it an all time favorite. It includes a large set if indicators the number going past 70, Studies and drawing tools. It also helps in making our own customized indicators, which can perform the user, wants them to. Various systems like built-in Excel compatible spreadsheets, Excel, or the Advanced Custom Study Interface and Language helps the user in making these indicators. One can also use the indicators made by other customers if they like them. One can create and customize intraday and historical price charts for stocks, commodities, indexes, mutual funds, currencies or any market. It supports data from Interactive Brokers, MyTrack and other outside services. It also supports charts service. user can create his own chart with bar period of daily, weekly, monthly, or any number of days. The user can continuously update the charts as the trade occurs. The data for the charts is automatically downloads and upgraded. One can also create intraday charts with a bar period of 1 minute. Here charts a re updated tick by tick. It also supports Time and sales and depth of market.

Sierra charts also has provisions for alerts. With the help of alerts one can continuously monitor the data flowing in an out. It also provides the technique of spread and comparison charting. Adding the open interest study to an intraday chart shows the number of trades per bar in the chart. One can also do offline analysis using sierra charts. Charts and quotes can be displayed at anytime whether you are connected to a data source or not. If one is disconnected it automatically helps to reconnect to the main server. Sierra charts also has visual components like formula one excel compatible spreadsheet component for containing quotes or for general spreadsheet. It contains over 150 plus built in functions. One can do wide range of services like enter formulas, read and write Excel files, format cells, create portfolios, and more.

It is being continuously improved and upgraded. The software is cheap and price is well suited to the customers, which is not the case of other softwares. Its price is lowest among its class It is a stand-alone program for 32-bit Windows operating systems. It is amazingly flexible and efficient unlike some other software. The only long term issue has been that they dropped support for bracket trader integration which seemed to upset a couple of guys but they are bringing it back. But overall it is great.


  1. Trader says:

    I have yet to find a reliable software program to handle my charts, but someone recommended Sierra. The mention of the ChartDOM in this review intrigues me. I dhaven’t see that option available in similar programs.

    Is there a presetting for the indicators mentioned in this review though? I don’t alway like to use too many, but it sounds like you need to create your own. Wondering if I could just use a stock set that already exists in the software.

    For the cost and functionality it sounds great though, definitely going to check it out.

  2. Charles says:

    The alerts functionality is the best thing about this software program. Surprisingly, many of its peers don’t have an alerts system that is very useful or helpful. It seems like developers of stock trading software often assume that potential clients are all hard-core day-traders who stare at their screens all day, but that’s not true. I must assume that most traders are more casual, as I am, and absolutely must have an alerts system in place throughout the trading day. That way I can focus on my “real job” and only focus on the markets when the software tells me that something is going on.

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